Privacy Policy

Pet Community is dedicated to protecting your privacy and personal information, and our privacy policy describes how we go about this.

When we gather information, we do so with an express purpose, and the information will never be used for anything outside of that purpose. We will collect information that is required in order for us to operate as an e-commerce store. This occurs when a customer performs a transaction on our website, or registers for our email list. When we collect information, we do so lawfully, and we will attempt to ensure that each individual is aware why the information is being collected and how it will be used.

When visiting our website, we may place cookies in your browser to facilitate account login, maintain the shopping cart and to make a purchase. These cookies may be used to assist in providing relevant marketing communications. By agreeing to this policy and using this website, you grant us permission to place these cookies. In addition, third parties we use to provide services on our website (for example, PayPal) may read cookies in your browser.

In accordance with The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) you have particular rights in regards to accessing information we collect. You can contact a customer service representative at or call us on .

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