- My puppy is chewing everything, what can I do?

It’s tricky, if a puppy is chewing it could be because they’re teething. If that’s the case you should invest in teething toys, they work in the same manner children’s teething toys do, by softening the gums.
If the dog is older but is chewing a lot, it could be indicative of a health issue such as a toothache or abscise in the mouth, so you need to check in and around their mouth just in case.
They also might be a dog who just really likes to chew. In which case it’s important to give them things they’re allowed to chew on, such as long-lasting chew treats or toys. Otherwise they’ll chew on things they aren’t allowed to!

- How do I toilet train my puppy?

There are lots of ways of doing this, we find the quickest and easiest is to train a new puppy using pee-pads with a pheromone scent. The pheromone scent is a smell that is left behind when a dog pees, when a dog smells the pheromone, they are instinctually drawn to peeing on top of the smell. So, you have the plastic-backed pee pad, spray it with the pheromone, and your puppy will feel encouraged to pee in the one spot. Back this up with positive encouragement, by giving them a treat or a cuddle when they do the right thing. Then slowly transition the pad’s location until it’s where you want the dog to pee long term.

- Do you have any indestructible dog toys?

No. We have toys that claim to be the strongest on the planet, we have a huge range of tough toys, but we’re yet to find a definitively indestructible dog toy. If we ever do, you can bet we’ll be telling everyone!

- Is it really that important to socialise my dog?

Yes. Socialising is vital, if you don’t socialise your dog it could become aggressive or anxious around other dogs, and kids as well. They’ll also feel more content when they’re out on a walk.

- My dog’s breath smells bad, why and what should I do?

If the smell is coming from the mouth, you need to check there are no cavities, sores or broken teeth that could be the cause. If you can’t see anything suspicious, you should look into cleaning their teeth. We have a wide range of water additives, toothbrushes, finger-brushes and toothpaste to help you get started. Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of food you’re feeding, as a low-quality food can definitely lead to bad breath.

- Can I use human toothpaste for my dog?

No. Human tooth paste if very high in salt and has a different base formula to doggy toothpaste. Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to use toothpaste if you have the other appropriate products.

- Should I use shampoo and conditioner for my dog?

Yes you should. With shampoo, you need to be using something that is paraben and soap free, because they can cause skin irritations, you should also never ever use human shampoo on a dog. Conditioner is also very important as it holds the oil into the hair and skin.

- My pet has stopped eating the regular food, what should I do?

First thing to do, is make sure your pet is not sick, loss of appetite can be an indication of many different issues. This is hard to assess immediately, as sometimes a pet is simply not hungry. Or they may have sneaked a snack in you didn’t know about. If your pet looks happy and healthy, but simply not interested in the food, it may be because they’re sick of that particular food. If they’re on a super-premium food, there will be different flavours you can try so you can keep it varied for your pet.

- Is there anything I can do for my pet’s anxiety?

You need to find out specifically what is making them anxious, as there will be different fixes for each different problem. For example, if a dog is afraid of the sound of thunder, you can try playing thunder noises at a low volume while you’re around the house. This can help desensitise them to the noise, once they’re comfortable at the low volume progressively increase it until thunder doesn’t bother them. Keep in mind that specific problems require specific solutions, visit us in store if you need some expert help.

- Why should I feed my pet grain free food?

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they absolutely must eat meat to survive, so any grain can cause issues so we are adamant that cats should always be on a grain free diet. As for dogs, there are some dogs that can cope with grain, some can only handle brown rice (the best grain) and some can cope with all sorts. However, the majority of dogs do not handle grains well, it can cause stomach issues, skin issues and can be attributed to lethargy.

- How do I teach my cat to use the litter tray?

Nearly all cats will use the litter tray without help, provided it’s clean, accessible and they know where it is. If a cat is having trouble associating the tray as somewhere they should go to the toilet, find and pick any of their poo, and place it in the tray. Cats tend to like peeing/pooing in the same spot so this can help draw that association. 

- How do I stop my cat from scratching or biting the furniture?

There’s very little that will stop a cat from scratching, the best solution is to provide them with something they’re allowed to scratch, such as a scratching post or tower. Reprimand them when they scratch something you don’t want them to, and reward them when they use the scratching post. If the cat knows it shouldn’t scratch the furniture, but still does, you can invest in some double-sided cat tape to put on your furniture, as cats tend to hate the stickiness.

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